21 Sep

Taming of a tree

The photo was taken near Sablinskiy waterfall. We wanted to make a sunset-shooting, but instead of a beautiful sunset sky we got overcast, rain and darkness, that tred on our heels. As a result, we had about an hour to invent something before the darkness.


Mamiya 645 Super | Mamiya-Sekor C 110 mm 1:2.8 lens | Ilford HP5 Plus 400

We made 4 photos. This is, incidentally, the first time, when we have processed all the pictures from shooting (100% result), more photos can be found in note: Sablinsky waterfall.

Over the name of the photo were different opinions. Fearing that a slight hint was hard to understand, we decided to name the photo “taming of a dragon” or “taming of a tree”, since not everybody has such a strange imagination as we (do you see a dragon here on the tree :-) ?)