24 Apr

Сamera obscura

As you know, we’re not big fans of the studio shooting, at least – for now. Probably because this style of shooting, when you need to create suitable conditions yourself, is not very suitable for us: we do like to use, what we have. Sometimes, in order to fundamentally change the process of work in the photostudio it is enough to open the window and it is excellent when photostudio has one (and preferably several). Recently, by the way, photostudios with an opportunity to use daylight revived (reason for joy!).


At that studio windows were covered with black paper and photograghers could easily let in the light . For this portrait: window was slightly opened – 20-30 centimeters, thus we succeeded in creating an interesting lighting – light colored wall in different colors, we created real camera obscura, but with a very blurry picture (see the bottom of the blue – it is the image of the sky).

To highlight a little shade on the right side of our model Nastiya we used a reflector, which eventually made another shadow. Shifting the reflector lower, we created an interesting shadow and included it in the composition.