10 Mar

How to make V-Flat for studio photography

V-Flat – this is a very simple but functional construction, consisting of two sheets fastened together in the form of “V” letter.

V-Flats for Studio Portraiture

This accessory is widely used because of its simplicity. And surprisingly, it is rarely seen in Russian photostudios.

Apparently, the name came from the theatrical concept of «Flat» – backdrop (background of rectangular shape, usually made of canvas or black velvet).

In course of time, the design was improved : two sheets were fastened to each other («top view» is similar to the English letter V). It gave stability for construction. As many English terms, «V-Flat» is difficult to translate into Russian, not distorting the sense, so the English name was left.

Here is an example of V-Flat, which we use. This is 2 large sheets of foam board (the size: 1,5х2,5 meters each). One side – white, the other – black (matte). This allows to control the light.


It is suitable not only for cutting off or reflecting light, but also for creating a background with a different angle.


Variants of using V-Flat are endless. Some of them you can see on the video (english subtitles available) and photo examples below. Also, in the video we talk about features of V-Flat creating.