It is believed that the object at the picture should look like ordinary people see it. But if people can not see what the camera can see? If camera makes photos in the infrared or ultraviolet range, or at night when human eye is almost blind? Then we get a bad picture? Dishonest photo? Inadequate?

Усть-КапшаCanon EOS 550D | Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
17 mm | ISO 800 | f/11 | 30 s

The question is very controversial, so we will only mention one more ordinary phrase – “the human eye is more perfect than the camera.” However, color of the night human eye can not see, and the camera – easily.

Picture you see was made on the same night as the “Tilted horizon” (link). Did the photographer see such paints? No, it was impossible to pass without a flashlight the bridge!

As you can see the soft light of moonless night combined with the hard light, it is the light from a flashlight. For 30 seconds of exposure were highlighted: the grass in the foreground, the bridge and the single stones. The result is very picturesque.

The only drawback was the lack of a remote cord, that is why we could not raise shutter speed in excess of 30 seconds, and ISO was raised up to 800.