05 Sep

Sun bunny

Here is the result of the first complete photo shoot experiment for … It is difficult to describe: we used camera Canon EOS 5D mark II as a digital camera back for Sinar F1 or Sinar F1 as a lens adapter for Sinaron 210mm f/5.6 for Canon EOS 5D mark II.

Sinar F1 Camera + Canon EOS 5d mark 2 (as a digital camera back)
Sinaron 210mm f/5.6
ISO 100 | f/5.6| 1/50 s

Such “Photo-Frankenstein” allows you to use many features of large-format cameras, including full tilt, used in this image.

At first we asked our model to close her eyes completely by shadow of hands. But then the idea to highlight only one eye suddenly appeared. Further correction of posture led to this picture, and at the same time determined the name of the picture.