Simple trick with pop-up flash in food photography

Simple trick with pop-up flash in food photography

Usually photographers do not like to use the built-in flash. Basically you can see how people use all sorts of tricks to make this camera detail useful. We also sometimes have fun with the pop-up flash and decided to shoot a video about one simple trick that will help with subject and food photography.

The trick is this. You need a wall or any other vertical light surface from which you reflect light (so soften it and change direction). And also you need some dense (which does not miss light) material, which you will fence direct rays of light from the built-in flash.

For additional highlighting of the shadows, a reflector can be added from the front.

The brightness of the built-in flash may not be sufficient to illuminate the subject well, so you may need to increase the brightness of the flash (using exposure compensation). It will also be useful to shoot completely in manual mode, especially since the food, most likely, will not escape you anywhere.

At the end of our video shooting we decided to try to make the light less soft. For this, instead of a wall, we used a mirror to reflect light.

You can see the results on the first photo in this post. In more detail, all manipulations can be considered in our video on our YouTube channel:

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