17 May

Capturing a new camera phone using a free polarizing filter, taken from the old phone

We decided to make a remake of our old post about a polarization filter taken from a mobile phone and recorded a video for the YouTube channel:

Polarizing filter – this is one of the most popular filters. It darkens the blue sky, making clouds more expressive, and also reduces the haze.Also the polarizing filter can remove light reflection from the water and leaves making the colors more saturated:

This thing is very useful, but very expensive. However, we often just throw away this filters.
The polarizing filters are used in the liquid crystal displays! We disassemble the old mobile phone and get it’s small screen. Polarizing filter looks like a film but we did not unstick it, to keep it from curling (and we also wanted to avoid appearance of glue-traces)


You can check the work of polarizing filter on any LCD monitor. Under certain positions of the filter it begins to darken the light of the LCD screen cutting off the polarized light coming from it.

Quality, of course, can’t be compared to the special photofilter, but why not to try?
Take the filter and simply put it over the smartphone camera:

The picture becomes more saturated.Don’t forget to rotate the filter choosing the best position.

Here you can see how we turn the filter and the sky becomes darker. Clouds on the background of a dark sky can be seen more clearly.

Also the light reflections on the windows disappear. However, keep in mind that the effect depends on the side from from where the light falls, so try to experiment!

By the way a polarizing filter is widely used not only in landscape shooting, but also for still lide shooting. It removes the glare from the table or other shiny objects: