29 May

Second life of your old point-and-shoot camera

Many photographers are constantly complaining that they don’t have something:
“I don’t not have a normal lens, don’t have a flash, don’t have a tripod, etc.”
We propose to look at the things positively, and use what you already have. Probably many of you have an old film compact cameras with flash.

Screenshot from 2017-05-28 10-30-54

Today, we will present a way to give second life to your old film cameras.

First of all, we need a camera with manual settings, as well as a tripod or any other stable surface.
In order to illuminate the model in this way, we use three sources of light:
key light, back and background light. We purposely highlight them in different colors,
so you can better see how each of them works.

Screenshot from 2017-05-28 10-42-04

Now we will try to achieve the same lighting, but only with the help of just one small flash built into a compact camera. The trick is as follows.
In manual mode, choose a very slow shutter speed. It should be so slow, that, while the shutter is open, there is a time to illuminate the object several times from different angles.
Aperture and ISO are selected based on the required depth of field and flash brightness.

Then turn off the light and  illuminate the model from three different sides using the flash:
the key light, the back light, and the background light.
Don’t forget that the autofocus will not work in the complete darknes, so you need to focus manually in advance.
If we shoot a portrait, the person should try not to move. The most convenient is to put him on a chair. This is the result.

Screenshot from 2017-05-28 10-51-15
High-quality picture with minimum costs.
It is very easy to to shoot static objects this way. If you need a softer light, you can to direct the flash at the ceiling and the walls. However, take in to account that in this case, the light will become less bright. But this can be easily fixed by illuminating the same place using the flash several times in succession.
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