23 Mar


Going to shoot a nude pregnant woman, we decided to move away from the standard poses. Nowadays one of most standard positions for pregnant is the notorious “one hand under the belly, the second hand covers the chest.”

Canon EOS 5d mark 2 | Canon TS-E 45 mm f/2.8
iso 100 | f/5.6 | 1/160s

In order to “fix” this position and adapt it to our photographic style, we asked Sasha to wrap her right arm around the back.

Sasha, though with the help of other hand, easily did it. Afterwards, many people tried to repeat the trick with their hand, but not everyone was able. And we are confused, because we have seen the ease with which Sasha dodge this way several times, standing in this position for a few minutes, while we were correcting her posture.