01 Apr


Often viewers, looking at the photo of landscape, say “I wish I could be there.” Meanwhile, it is very doubtful pleasure to find yourself in the same place at the same time. And it is true for this photo! First of all, it is difficult to wake up early in the morning before the dawn even with help of alarm clock.


After not too strenuous walk along the path we reached the place and began to lay out our equipment. At this point, probably from all surrounding villages we were by flock of midges. We have tried to defend ourselves, of course. From the side it looked like we were dancing around the tripod.

We met dawn and made a few shots. Then decided to change place (50 meters) to make more interesting photos (as we thought) . Unfortunately our path passed through the high and wet grass with dew. Within a few minutes we angry, wet and bitten by insects were returning towards tents. And now you see result of our suffering near Kapshozero lake (Leningrad Oblast)