15 Jun

How to Increase the Performance of Your Kit Lens

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Many novice photographers blame his technique in their failures. However, you can often get  much more from your technique than it seems at first glance. For example, an 18-55 lens, which often comes with an amateur camera. He is often scolded for not being able to create a bokeh. However, knowing some tricks, you can cope with this problem. Today we will show you a few old simple creative photo techniques for beginners:

1. Blur the background

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By creating a panorama, you will simulate an increase in the size of the matrix, and therefore the bokeh is similar to what it could be in the full format or medium format.

2. Focus closer

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Turning the other side of the lens, you will be able to focus much closer.

3. Produce tilt-effect

After removing the lens from the camera, you can rotate it imitating the effect of tilt-lens.

For more details, see our video: