13 Jun

Hippie style

Once we participated in photo-meeting, which was dedicated to hippies. For the venue was chosen lovely park “Alexandria” (it’s in Peterhof). We decided to take Mamiya 645 Super and Ektar 100 film with us, hoping that this will be enough (although in truth, neither the camera nor the film does not belong to the heyday of the hippie movement).

Hippie style
Mamiya 645 Super | Mamiya-Sekor C 110 mm 1:2.8 lens
Kodak Ektar 100 | f/2.8 | 1/125 s

The photo was taken in the shadow of a tree and we were sitting on the most uncomfortable branch in the world. The place was chosen forcedly, as the meeting itself took place in broad daylight under the scorching sun, and we did not have any other accessories (even reflector). Nice lighting attracted attention at once, although there were some doubts about the spots of light pushing through the leaves.

All in all, it was decided to leave our model in full shade, but at the same time add some sunny spots on clothing. That according our opinion brings to this photo special mood. But sunny spots on girls face were not the only problem. Strong Wind scattered colored ribbons everywhere and we patiently waited for suitable moment to make a photo