Of course, when planning a night shoot, you need to select a place in the daytime. This picture was an exception. Due to the large amount of work we did not have time during the day to walk around the surroundings of our base.

Canon EOS 5d mark 2 | Canon EF 24 f/1.4L USM
ISO 800 | f/1.4 | 20 s

The only suitable landscape for photography that we had noticed was not impressive. However with nightfall after all it was decided to go and take a picture

Twilight came, the first stars began to appear, and suddenly the clouds began to spoil our plans, so much so that the landscape was completely closed. As a result, we changed our route  drastically. We went to a place that we had never seen, only heard about it.

Perched on a hill, we looked around. The naked eye could barely discern the shore line and shape of neighboring hills. The fact that the sea was in front of us, we sensed more with our ears than with the eyes. We put a tripod and took a picture at random, this is the picture you are looking at now. Clouds that  upset and frightened us, on the contrary, add mystery to the photo.