23 Jun

Simple trick with pop-up flash in food photography

Usually photographers do not like to use the built-in flash. Basically you can see how people use all sorts of tricks to make this camera detail useful. We also sometimes have fun with the pop-up flash and decided to shoot a video about one simple trick that will help with subject and food photography. Read More

15 Jun

How to Increase the Performance of Your Kit Lens

Screenshot from 2017-06-09 20-59-14

Many novice photographers blame his technique in their failures. However, you can often get  much more from your technique than it seems at first glance. For example, an 18-55 lens, which often comes with an amateur camera. He is often scolded for not being able to create a bokeh. However, knowing some tricks, you can cope with this problem. Today we will show you a few old simple creative photo techniques for beginners: Read More

25 Sep

Portable solar power for photographers

From time to time we go hiking for a few days or weeks and often face a problem of lack of electricity. This year we decided to try to charge the camera from the solar panels. And now we are going to explain why we chose them and describe our impressions.


When you are going to hike for a long time far away from electricity, you can solve the problem with the photo camera’s power supply in different ways:

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04 Dec

Homemade tripod

Today we will focus on how to taking pictures without tripod at home in difficult light conditions.

Штатив из подручных средств

The absence of a tripod usually means that photographer is a beginner and perhaps has not enough experience. Of course, this article is first of all for such newcomers. Let’s find out why  tripod is necessary: take a typical situation, particularly usual for autumn and winter:

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