25 Sep

Portable solar power for photographers

From time to time we go hiking for a few days or weeks and often face a problem of lack of electricity. This year we decided to try to charge the camera from the solar panels. And now we are going to explain why we chose them and describe our impressions.


When you are going to hike for a long time far away from electricity, you can solve the problem with the photo camera’s power supply in different ways:

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10 Mar

How to make V-Flat for studio photography

V-Flat – this is a very simple but functional construction, consisting of two sheets fastened together in the form of “V” letter.

V-Flats for Studio Portraiture

This accessory is widely used because of its simplicity. And surprisingly, it is rarely seen in Russian photostudios.

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27 Feb

Where to focus in landscape photography. Setting the hyperfocal distance without calculations.

One of the most important concepts in landscape photography is the hyperfocal distance. Sometimes photographer hasn’t neither calculator depth of field nor table of hyperfocal distances. It is a typical situation for beginners, and our students often asked us how to deal with it.


Heretofore we advised the classic way “to divide the space in the frame into three parts, and focus on the first third,” but this method is very rough and we do not like it at all. This forced us to invent new method of finding hyperfocal distance. We haven’t met this method in books or Internet yet, that is why we decide to describe it for you now.

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08 Nov

How to make night portrait on sky background with stars

People are fond of photographing themselves on the background of beautiful places, but this is not always easy to do. One of such difficult subjects for the implementation is photo on the background of starry night sky. And today we want to tell you, how we usually do it.

Ночной портрет на фоне Млечного ПутиCanon EOS 5d mark II | Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM
ISO 1600 | f/1.4 | 15 s

We need:

– camera with manual settings

– tripod or any stable surface

– flash or any camera with a built-in flash

– night, stars and people

First of all you have to learn how to take pictures of the starry sky itself.

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