23 Jun

Simple trick with pop-up flash in food photography

Usually photographers do not like to use the built-in flash. Basically you can see how people use all sorts of tricks to make this camera detail useful. We also sometimes have fun with the pop-up flash and decided to shoot a video about one simple trick that will help with subject and food photography. Read More

15 Jun

How to Increase the Performance of Your Kit Lens

Screenshot from 2017-06-09 20-59-14

Many novice photographers blame his technique in their failures. However, you can often get  much more from your technique than it seems at first glance. For example, an 18-55 lens, which often comes with an amateur camera. He is often scolded for not being able to create a bokeh. However, knowing some tricks, you can cope with this problem. Today we will show you a few old simple creative photo techniques for beginners: Read More

29 May

Second life of your old point-and-shoot camera

Many photographers are constantly complaining that they don’t have something:
“I don’t not have a normal lens, don’t have a flash, don’t have a tripod, etc.”
We propose to look at the things positively, and use what you already have. Probably many of you have an old film compact cameras with flash.

Screenshot from 2017-05-28 10-30-54

Today, we will present a way to give second life to your old film cameras.

First of all, we need Read More