19 Jun


This time we decided to implement our long-standing desire to play with long shutter speeds in portrait. In order to achieve a sufficiently long shutter speeds in not too dark lighting conditions, we used neutral density filter that reduces the light output 400 times. If someone does not know – ND filter is actually a dark glass, that reduces the amount of light falling on the lens, which allows to use longer shutter speed or to open aperture.


Most often, neutral density filters are companions of landscape photographers, especially when they deal with running water (rivers, fountains, etc.). The shutter speed of a few seconds turn s turbulent water into a amorphous mass , that looks sometimes like a thick fog.

Portrait photographers use neutral density filters less than landscape photographers. Basically, when there is a need to open the aperture to blur the background. The use of long exposure in modern portrait digital photography is not so popular. At least when you are shooting outside the studio. Therefore, we decided to experiment. Took the tripod, filter, model and went to the sea. The main problem in taking photographs of people on long exposures, it is not difficult to guess – immobilize a model. Without special tools it is not real to do (well, another formulation – “we have failed”). So we decided to try every opportunity to capture the face, primarily leaning it against various fixed subjects. That is our result (extract 15 seconds).